Hyde Park Auto Sales

2510 Montague Ave Ext. : Greenwood SC 29649

Phone: 864.229.3027
fax: 864.229.1179
Email: info@hydeparkautosales.com

About Us

Hyde Park Auto Sales exists to provide you and your family with the best possible used car buying experience. We understand the needs of your family, because we are a family owned business intent on serving the needs of the greater Greenwood area. Value means everything in today's economy, and we provide consistent quality, integrity, and price options.

Quality: Hyde Park owner, Warren Langley, has worked on cars for over 4 decades. He knows cars, and he knows what it means to own a dependable automobile that will reliably get you to work, school, and everywhere in between. If it's on our lot, rest assured that you're getting a quality vehicle.

Integrity: You can't have quality without integrity. We stand behind the vehicles on our lot and work to ensure an optimal buying and driving experience. The community of Greenwood is our home, and it is our privilege to serve the folks in this excellent community.

Price Options: The bottom line is crucial, that's why Hyde Park Auto Sales is committed to providing the best car at the most affordable and competitive prices around. Hyde Park is a Buy Here, Pay Here lot and a variety of financing options are available. We offer exclusive lot financing with NO CREDIT CHECKS or pursue 3rd party financing from another financial institution. Our exclusive lot financing affords everyone the opportunity to ride.

Contact Info

Address: 2510 Montague Ave Ext. : Greenwood, SC 29649
Phone: (864) 229-3027
Fax: (864) 229-1179
Email: info@hydeparkautosales.com